Drink responsibly

The moderate consumption of wine brings several benefits to the health of individual adults. On the other hand, the risk significantly increases with every glass above the threshold of moderation. It isn’t only the quantity but also the way in which a wine is enjoyed. It is advisable to drink with moderation and regularly during the meals, rather than the same quantity on one single occasion.


The 5 rules for enjoying a glass of wine

  1. Understand the wine you’re drinking: knowing the origin of its specific character brings an intense pleasure in drinking it.
  2. Sip slowly: linger over the enjoyment of the wine’s particular taste.
  3. Have the wine with good food as well as a glass of water.
  4. Appreciate the wine in good company, with friends and family.
  5. Avoid excess.


Don’t drink and drive

As with many other alcoholic drinks, the consumption of wine affects the ability to perform certain activities, including driving. Drinking has effects on the driver’s sight and psychomotor functions of sightm as well as their behaviour and attitude. The best advice is to avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks if driving. In any case, the maximum blood-alcohol level must never be passed.


Whi should not drink alcohol

  • Pregnant women: the consumption of alcoholic drinks can cause malformations in the embryo. The unborn child presents a combination of effects on the foetus known as foetal alcohol syndrome. An alcohol level that is without any effects on the foetus and that prevents damage ti the umborn child has not been established. As a result it is advisable to avoid alcoholic drinks during pregnancy.
  • Young people below the age of consent: this is a category particularly at risk because excessive consumption interferes with their growth, nutritional state and personality development. The (negative) effects of improper consumption of alcohol are much more pronounced in young people. This is not only due to their physical immaturity but also to psychological factors.