Mondodelvino’s experiential retail is born

A digital press conference that virtually brings together the company's representatives, the media and the social public, for the presentation of the multi-channel potential linked to the Mondodelvino online shop, which wants to combine purchasing experiences and the possibility of meeting between the company and the consumer.

Mondodelvino’s experiential retail presented today with a live event on Zoom Platform. From the discovery of “What wine are you?”, To the direct purchase from the producer, choosing your own Wine Experience and tasting the wine from home with a winemaker or sommelier at your disposal.


Forlì, 10 April 2020 – The attitude to retail that stems from the experience of direct sales of wine delivered at home and which has evolved over time with the first online shop of one of the wineries of the Mondodelvino SpA wine group, Poderi dal Nespoli. Today this path is completed with the presentation of the entire group’s online shop but this is not the end, on the contrary, it becomes a multi-channel platform that combines play, shopping experience and meeting through digital solutions and opens up to new projects that they will add over time. This is what Mondodelvino presents today, choosing to communicate through its social channels with a ‘smart’ press conference.
The site that Mondodelvino has structured is a real portal, with the aim of better explaining to the consumer how its business is made up and then moving on to a retail area rich in content that allows you to buy directly from the manufacturer. In this space the user can start their own journey discovering, through the simple test “Which wine are you?”, Which are the wines that best reflect their preferences and consumption needs, thus starting to orient themselves within the rich offer of products that Mondodelvino offers, through its reality made up of several wineries between Piedmont (Cuvage and Ricossa), Romagna (Poderi dal Nespoli) and Sicily (Barone Montalto). In addition to this virtual experience, the user can also start thinking of supporting the organization of their real experience at the Wine Experience, the innovative space that the company inaugurated a year ago in its headquarters in Priocca (CN) and where , in the context of one of the most beautiful viticultural landscapes in the world, that of Langhe Roero and Monferrato, it is possible to visit a multimedia, educational and cognitive path, which allows the visitor to make a journey through the wine culture between history, territories, vines and production processes.

The portal offers various visit and tasting options that the user can decide to buy from home and to create in Priocca. Finally, the experience of direct sales, which brings wine home, but not only.

Mondodelvino wants to enrich the shopping experience offered to its consumer and it does so through a service that is currently made available to all those who buy in the online shop, or the possibility of activating a tasting with a real oenologist or sommelier from the company. Once received the wines purchased on the portal, in fact, it is possible, directly from your own home, to organize a guided tasting moment that uses digital means, with the possibility of being able to also choose between tasting with a winemaker or a sommelier, depending on your own needs. An additional service of great value that the company, always attentive to news and digital trends, wants to dedicate to its customers in order to enrich their ‘user experience’ in Mondodelvino.

Experience, passion, taste and culture. These are the characteristic values of the Mondodelvino SpA group, a dynamic and avant-garde reality that brings quality Italian wine to the world thanks to the new potential of e-commerce sales.